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from November 1 to December 15!
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If you think you can’t afford good health insurance,
you haven’t talked to us!

We have been helping people across North Carolina since 2013. Nobody knows more about health insurance than Health Plans Raleigh. Our expert service costs you nothing. We get you the same price you would get even after you spend hours on the phone or on the marketplace. The price is the price. We often save you money, because we make sure you get the right plan for your individual needs. We provide proof you actually enrolled. We take the time to make sure you really understand the plan you are signing up for. Further, we are here to help you resolve any problems with your health insurance during the course of the year.

There will be far fewer qualified people to help you find affordable health insurance this year, for a variety of reasons. The insurance companies have cut back on the number of agents, and the number of navigators is shrinking. But Health Plans Raleigh, which has been helping people since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, is still there for you.

Other Options

For those who do qualify for an ACA subsidy, that is always the best and most affordable insurance. But what if your income is too high and you don’t qualify for the subsidy? In that case, we have several alternative options that are more affordable than standard ACA policies and may save you thousands of dollars per year.

Are you self employed? Are you relatively healthy? Do you take any expensive medications? If you qualify, there is a brand new “level premium” plan that will be hundreds less than the traditional health insurance plan. We think it’s incredible!

If you are a Christian, we have some med-share plans you will love. Lower costs for leading a healthy lifestyle.

We have a another great new ACA compliant plan that provides free telemed care along with other qualified health care and very affordable prices. Great doctor network and full preventative care included.

We also offer short term and many indemnity plans. These are great short term solutions but they are not ACA compliant and you could end up with a big tax bill at the end of the year. Make sure you understand all the risks to benefits on these plans.

There is not a one size fits all solution for health insurance these days. Only independent brokers can offer you this wide array of options. We work hard to stay on the leading edge of health insurance options. Call us today at (919) 926‑0098 to see what we can do for you.

Do You Qualify for Affordable Care Act Insurance?

If your income is within the subsidy ranges listed below, you may be eligible for premium tax credits and other savings on a private insurance plan. Over 69% of NC residents qualify for ACA subsidies. If your income is below the income range, you may be eligible for coverage through Medicaid. We also have other options that are not traditional ACA policies!

To learn if you qualify for lower costs on health coverage, find your estimated 2018 household income and household size on the chart below:

If you do think you qualify for a subsidy, we can help get you enrolled quickly and easily.

Call us now to discuss your options at (919) 926‑0098. A NC Marketplace Certified health insurance agent is ready to help.